I made a 100 dollar bill in my digital media advanced class. Our goal was to choose a country and create a whole new dollar bill. And add images and other things to make the bill realistic. For my bill the country i used is Mexico i added Mexican related historical people and places and things. The theme i went for is Aztec Mayan hints the Aztec warrior and the temple as well as the calendar faded into the background. I think something i would want to change it that i would have added more affects to the temple and the left hand side to make the bill look a little more realistic. Also i would want to add more to the corners so that it doesn’t look so simple. Finally the last thing i would want to work on would be to work more on the colors especial in the middle i think that the colors look very similar and the 100 dollar sign doesn’t stand out so well. other than that I’m pretty happy with my piece i like that it looks simple and also i think the Aztec theme it is very popular these days and is great part of history that many people are familiar with .


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Nike Eco





This is my shoe ad that I have created in my digital media class. The theme of this shoe ad is eco-friendly. I chose a basketball shoe therefor I had to add to my theme which is both eco-friendly/basketball theme. since the shoe is black, white,and gray i chose a black shadowy background but not to dark so the image was still viable but most importantly the trees in the background where visible. I love the background I used I think it went perfectly for what I was going for . something i dislike is the cut out of the shoe didn’t come out all that well also I didn’t really like the text I used for my heading. I tried going for a more Nike font but this is the closest I could get it to.

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